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Our Competence:

Boy were we surprised! CodeGreen turned out to be that rare company in the UAE that actually practices what they preach - service and support! Not only are they incredibly knowledgeable about their..."

Grant Weaver

Director of IT
American School of Dubai

We have worked with CodeGreen Systems on numerous Information Security projects, and we are highly impressed with the way they executed: The Right Expertise; Quality & Timely Delivery. Their..."

Ahmed Al Marri

Assistant Manager - IT
Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority

The team possess an excellent pool of talents who are well motivated to add value for the projects they deliver, this is mainly because co-founders are part of the technical team leading to excellent..."

Zyad Mustafa

Head of IT & Operations
Abu Dhabi Investment House pjsc

The team have shown great maturity and understanding in application of the technologies and approach to the solution. The team also have shown excellent understanding of conceptual network and modern..."

Primal Fernando

IT Manager
Intercontinental Abu Dhabi

The Path to
Cyber Security Maturity

A cyber security maturity model provides a path forward and enables enterprises to periodically assess where it is along that path. Cyber Security is a journey and not a destination. A security product is only as good as how well its implemented and managed. A security process is only as good as how well its adhered to. Our consultative approach to cyber security maturity help you get there with ease.

Essential Security

If there is a starting point to cyber security, this is where it is and should be. This could generally be achieved without major technical, architectural and procedural changes to enterprise environment.

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Advanced Security

Though conventional defenses remain an integral part of an organization’s security lineup, today’s threat landscape demands a way new approach to protection. An effective protection strategy must have advanced security controls in place and could then be sharpened further around the industry, governance, compliance and risk.

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Improved Visibility

Visibility is the key to effectiveness of your cyber security program which helps discover and detect the unknowns of the cyber world. In this new era of Artificial Intelligence, level of detection and discovery can take you to an unprecedented level of quality and accuracy with out-of-the box visualization tools.

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Security Hardening and Hygiene

With the global average cost of a data breach in millions of dollars and many months on average to contain a data breach, companies that were able to respond quickly and contain a breach at the shortest span will directly translate to the savings on dollars they could make. Security hardening and hygiene plays vital role here.

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Maturing to The Next

An effective cyber security plan extends beyond preparing for any specific event to development of broad, flexible capabilities that enable response to a wide range of events along various dimensions. The key is to develop a secure, vigilant, and resilient cyber security framework which lets you mature with ease.

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Trusted By 100+ Enterprise Clients Across UAE & Middle East

For us, it takes far more to retain a customer than to acquire one. Customer support is the core of our business philosophy.

"We have been working with CodeGreen Systems for more than 8 years now. Their understanding of the regional security market and their vision of being ...."

Amar Mehta

Head of Business, Middle East. Sophos

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Web/Mobile Application Security Assessment

Our application security assessment provides an intelligent combination of automated and manual scanning, covering in depth and broad coverage checks for application vulnerabilities and malware. Manual intelligence also allows security analysts to correlate multiple vulnerabilities, provide in-depth verification of vulnerability existence and create attack in depth pattern to demonstrate business impact.

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Defend Against Spear Phishing Attacks

Protection against spear phishing by way of technical controls alone usually become a pain to the security department. False positives, productivity impact, rise of help-desk tickets - letting cost mount up. That's why the need for conducting a spear phishing campaign gets pressing. Our bespoke spear phishing campaigns are generally tailer-made to your enterprise environment for maximum coverage.

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Privileged Access Management [PAM]

Privileged access management (PAM) helps meet the audit and compliance requirements (GDPR, NIS, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, ISO 27001, etc.). Our PAM solution suite provide a comprehensive coverage including thick-clients (ex: Microsoft SQL Studio) and web-clients (ex: Firewall Web GUI, Azure UI etc), apart from the regular RDPs and SSHs for SSO, Session Recording and Password Management . Explore further to get to know more.

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