Endpoint protection solutions

Today’s threat landscape is becoming more and more volatile. Malicious actors use ever-more sophisticated techniques to attack organizations and compliance and regulations are getting ever-more stringent in the event of a data breach.  Companies holding customer sensitive data or have intellectual properties need to now be proactively looking out side the organizational perimeter to have the clear know-how of their own brand and reputation. Feel free to contact us for a demo of our solution portfolio.

Endpoint protection solution

Endpoint protection platforms (EPP)

Provides a preventative mechanism that performs point-in-time protection by inspecting and scanning files once they enter into an endpoint.

endpoint detection and response (EDR)

An EDR solutions can provide more granular visibility and analysis for threat investigation. Fileless malware, ransomware, polymorphic attacks, and more can be detected using EDR solutions.

enterprise encryption

Proactively protects your data by continuously validating the user, application, and security integrity of a device before allowing access to encrypted data.

data leakage prevention (DLP)

Monitor your organization’s digital footprint and intellectual property from being leaked accidentally and/or intentionally.

user Behavior analytics (UBA)

UBA focuses on user activity as opposed to static threat indicators, meaning it can detect attacks that haven’t been mapped to threat intelligence and alert on malicious behavior earlier in an attack.

Advanced threat prevention (ATP)

Run micro sandboxing and use machine learning and pre-execution analysis to detect the unknowns..

web/URL filtering

Protect users from access websites which hogs productivity, protect users from malicious and spam links, optimize bandwidth usage.

phishing Campaigns

Stop users from clicking on every link. Educate them. Train them to become a responsible user

data protection and retention

Protect enduser data by keeping a real time data backup, data revision and retension and legal hold

Device Control & Management

Control USB, Mass Storage devices granularly to avoid data leaks and malware infections.

Enterprise Patch Management

OS, Device and Application Patch Management made Automated, seamless and worry-free.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management, Security Management, Content Management and App Management.

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