IAM + IGA : The comprehensive enterprise Identity management & governance solution

The entire Identity industry still pretty much offer point solutions when it comes toIdentity & Access Management (IAM) and Identity Governance and Administration (IGA). Its hard to find a consolidated solution proposition covering all aspects of both IAM and IGA managed from a single pane of glass. IAM for Cloud is no brainer. Legacy application support is a key challenge in larger enterprises in the region. Let it be that Oracle EBS or legacy SAP versions - which are the core of enterprise - are still left unaddressed when it comes to IAM and IGA.

Our Identity solution portfolio make your experience an exhilarating one. We provide Single Sign-On, Password Management, User Lifecycle Management, Access Governance and Access Administration - all under one roof. Our solution seamlessly adapt to legacy applications, have a patented SSO to thick client feature and can sign on to even shop floor machines.

We support both Onpremise and Cloud deployment modes as well. Backed by our implementation experience and passion to integrate your heterogeneous environment, your users couldn't be happier.

Comprehensive Feature Set

Single Sign-On to any Application

Thick Client Single Sign-On, Cross Browser Support, Password Synchronization. Standard with all SSO options.

Secure Directory with Integration

Multi-factor Authentication

Consistent User Experience

Identity Governance & Administration

Analytics & Reporting


Delight your users with the magic of seamless Password Sync, Password Reset and Registration-less Password Management.

Eliminate Account Sign-Up

Secure Directory with Integration

Self-Service Password Reset

Password Synchronization

Reverse Password Synchronization

Helpdesk Assisted Password Reset

Maintain One Identity

Reports and Analytics

User Lifecycle Management

Choose between LITE User Provisioning with Access Management or FULL BLOWN multi tenant Lifecycle Management


Integration with Directories and IDaaS Solutions

Orchestrating the Lifecycle

End-to-End Access Request Efficiency


Automate access reviews determine ‘who has access to what’. Manage orphan account with ease. Eliminate SOD conflicts. Attain a sustainable identity compliance program

Simplify Access Governance

Streamline Fulfillment of Access Requests

Advanced Reporting

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