a public cloud experience with private cloud control

Datacenter technology is becoming so complex that for many enterprises, infrastructure may become impossible to manage with a traditional IT model. Public cloud usage has soared as users seek immediate access to compute resources, but enterprise IT departments worry about losing control over costs. Private cloud is the answer to both challenges, but most private cloud solutions require heavy investments in time and resources. Ideally, the cloud must be easy to deploy, operate and manage in order to avoid high costs.

Key Features

Accelerate Application Development

10x faster automated deployment, even for complex applications

Get Big Data Answers Faster

Focus on analytics and insights -- not infrastructure management

Replace VMWare with AWS-Like experience

Enable cloud-native application development with container frameworks and CI/CD tools

Self-healing architecture

Controller-less self-healing distributed architecture delivers highly resilient, available & scalable cloud services

BYOH - Bring your own hardware

Software + your choice of servers, storage & network = Hyperconverged infrastructure

Web managed

Anytime, anywhere operation & consumption through your web browser

Multi Cloud

Interoperate with your choice of
Public Cloud & VMware (vSphere/vCenter)

IT Goverened

Reclaim shadow IT & define boundaries to control unsanctioned apps, VMs & Containers

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