Comprehensive 24/7 XDR-as-a-Service:

Gone are the days where cyber security monitoring was all about log monitoring with a SIEM tool. Threat landscape has evolved so does the security monitoring needs. Powered by the industry's top notch SIEM+EDR+XDR platform, our round-the-clock monitoring and remediation service covers way beyond the traditional SIEM monitoring.

Our cloud-native platform is an all-encompassing solution for incident detection and response, sparing our customers from the burden of handling hardware, software, or storage provisioning and is managed and monitored by the CodeGreen 24x7 XDR Team. It extends its protection across your organisation's network spanning head offices, branch offices, data centers, disaster recovery sites, and remote users.

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Centralised Log Collection & Search

Collect, search, alert and report on network, cloud and endpoint and application log data spanning across the enterprise. Logs are retained and available for search, visualisation, and investigations.

Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

Offers powerful endpoint detection and response (EDR) and built-in behavioural analytics, enabling you to detect and investigate threats on your endpoints and servers without out of the box.

User & Entity Behaviour Analysis (UEBA)

UEBA helps you determine whether a potential threat is an outside party pretending to be an employee or an actual employee who presents some kind of risk, through negligence or malice.

Network Traffic Analysis (NTA)

NTA can continuously monitor network traffic to give you the insight you need to optimise network performance, minimise your attack surface, enhance security and improve the management of your resources.

Deception & Honeypots for Fraud Detection

Deception allows creation of an illusion for attackers that they have found something of interest in your environment. Once an attacker is tricked, the platform fires an alert to flag the suspicious activity.

Attack Behaviour Analysis (ABA)

ABA analyse the stream of logs coming from various sources and look for events that might indicate attacker behaviour. This helps to find malicious behaviours designed to evade prevention defenses.

File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) for Servers

FIM Platform attribute users to file modification activities and creates alerts based on certain file log events to notify you when one of your users/malware modifies a critical file or folder.

Threat Intelligence & Research

Our SOC and XDR platform leverages internal and external threat intelligence, encompassing your entire, post-perimeter attack surface. Detections are constantly fine-tuned by our expert  engineering team.

Guided Playbooks & Automation

Multiple automation workflows allow you to respond to security events as they emerge on your network. We can configure these workflows to automate all the manual drudgery that can dominate your day.

24x7 live Monitoring and Remediation

Our 24x7 around-the-clock monitoring and remediation service ensures continuous surveillance of your IT environment to detect and respond to threats at any time leveraging both manual and automated efforts.

Entirely Cloud Based Architecture

Our scalable cloud infrastructure leverages the inherent scalability of the cloud to accommodate growing data and increasing security demands without compromising performance keeping your TCO low.

Threat Hunting for proactive protection

Our continuous threat hunting finds irregularities identifying potential threats before they materialize. Our analysts continue to develop TTP-based detection rules to enhance detection capabilities.

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