Monitor your digital footprint in the web & dark web

Offered as a bespoke service, we can search for your organisation's footprint in places such as the darknet - tor and i2p, document sharing platforms, whois data, public data leaks and others, and proactively alert you in case if there is a match found along with recommendations if mitigations tasks are available.

One such scenarios, where it's common for enterprise users to use their corporate username or email address else where like in social media platforms and other third party sites. To make it worse, they tend to use the same password as well. When these 3rd party sites and/or social media platforms gets compromised (like we have seen in the case of linkedin and several others), your users credentials are now exposed in the darkweb and bad actors can now use them to exploit and breach your corporate system. Having known this in advance or as soon as such details are available in the darkweb, you can simply force a password reset or deactivation of user accounts etc like mitigation steps. Such proactive strategies help you from costing a fortune from associated data breach where sensitive data get exfiltrated.
We use a combinations of tools, technics and data repositories in collaboration with some of the global leading partners for a fast and timely discoveries of such data breaches to keep your organisation safe and help reduce the cost of breach.

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