Real-time monitoring service for your brand. Protect your brand reputation and preserve customer loyalty.

Today’s threat landscape is becoming more and more volatile. Malicious actors use ever-more sophisticated techniques to attack organizations and compliance and regulations are getting ever-more stringent in the event of a data breach.  Companies holding customer sensitive data or have intellectual properties need to now be proactively looking out side the organizational perimeter to have the clear know-how of their own brand and reputation. With our bespoke packaged service offering combined with global partnership and alliance, customers get real value and actionable intelligence proactively. In most of the cases, our SLA enforced take down services get customer ROI in no time.

Some of the key Modules covered in our brand reputation service

Threat Context

Improve team productivity with threat intelligence.


Retrieve compromised credentials in real-time

Dark Web

Boost your awareness of what’s going on underground

Social Media

Monitor your organization’s digital footprint

Credit Cards

Recover stolen credit card information in real-time


Protect your networks and employees from social-borne attacks


Detect malware and analyze suspicious executable files

Data Leakage

Detect leaked information from employees and third parties

Mobile Apps

Monitor and detect false, infected, modified, and copied apps

Domain Protection

Track illegitimate entities and domains

Or just need Dark Web Monitoring Alone?

If you are exploring Brand Reputation Monitoring for the very first time and feel overwhelmed, may be Dark Web Monitoring is a great starting point.

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