An AI-powered network detection and response platform Transforming Tier-1 analysts into Tier-3 experts

Cognito® artificial intelligence from Vectra augments security operations. Meeting today's cybersecurity challenges by blending human expertise with a broad set of data science, machine learning techniques and deep learning to automate the manual, time-consuming work performed by security analysts. By automating cyberattack detection, triage, correlation and scoring, and empowering threat hunting and response, Cognito AI condenses days or weeks of work into minutes, reducing the threat investigation workload by up to 36X.

How Cognito AI Works?

Using behavioral detection algorithms to analyze metadata from captured packets, Cognito AI detects hidden and unknown attacks in real time, whether traffic is encrypted or not. Cognito AI only analyzes metadata captured from packets, rather than performing deep-packet inspection, to protect user privacy without prying into sensitive payloads.

The AI Difference

The AI approach to threat detection blends human expertise with a broad set of data science and advanced machine learning techniques. This model delivers a continuous cycle of threat intelligence based on cutting-edge research, global and local learning models, deeping learning and neural networks.

Cognito Platform

Always-learning behavioral models detect attackers in real time to enable quick, decisive response and a logical investigative starting point.

Network metadata, logs and cloud events are collected, analyzed and stored to reveal hidden attackers in workloads and user/IoT devices.

Launch deeper incident investigations detected by Cognito and other security controls and hunt retrospectively for covert attackers.

Cognito Detect

Reveal hidden and unknown attackers in real time with machine learning, data science and behavioral analytics working in concert.

Conclusively detect threats based on indicators of compromise from hunting operations and high-quality threat intelligence feeds.

Full threat context eliminates manual guesswork and puts the most relevant attack details at the analyst's fingertips.

Drive dynamic incident response rules and automatically trigger responses from existing security enforcement points.

Cognito Recall

Hunt for threats retrospectively to determine whether newly discovered indicators of compromise exist in historical data.

Accelerate incident investigations with conclusive, actionable context about compromised devices and workloads over time.

Quickly and easily find all devices or workloads accessed by compromised accounts and identify files involved in exfiltration.

Rich, historical metadata is stored in the cloud for as long as it is needed to augment incident investigations.

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