Enterprise Data Protection - Done right

A converged data protection for today’s mobile workforce. For IT, we offer rich solutions like mobile data backup, data loss prevention, and tamper-proof audit trails for eDiscovery. For end users, it provides self-restore capabilities and anytime, anywhere, any device access and sharing.

Datacenter technology is becoming so complex that for many enterprises, infrastructure may become impossible to manage with a traditional IT model. Public cloud usage has soared as users seek immediate access to compute resources, but enterprise IT departments worry about losing control over costs. Private cloud is the answer to both challenges, but most private cloud solutions require heavy investments in time and resources. Ideally, the cloud must be easy to deploy, operate and manage in order to avoid high costs.

Our solution protects all of your data from physical and virtualize environments, Windows, Linux, Unix, VMware and Hyper-V in case of a hardware failure or natural disaster. Our DRaaS rebuilds your network automatically using software defined networking – effectively capturing a complete replica of your on-premise data center in the cloud. Replicate your data to our cloud, a private cloud, or popular third-party clouds such as Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, or IBM Bluemix.

Enterprise Data Protection

A single pane of glass for managing data availability and information governance across Endpoints, Mobile, Servers and Cloud Applications - enabling businesses to mitigate data risks, facilitate business continuity, while not impacting employee productivity.


Self healing private cloud

A public cloud experience with private cloud control through software that automates cloud infrastructure, applications, and operations. Enterprises can simplify operations, eliminate operational silos, reduce costs by up to 90 percent, and accelerate IT by 10X over virtualized solutions while maintaining IT control.


Disaster Recovery As A Service (DRaaS)

An enterprise-grade Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution that provides rapid, affordable failover to a second site with the flexibility to boot from the appliance or cloud. Instantly run your systems in our cloud when they go down due to hardware failure or natural disaster.



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